Princess Ameenah

Princess Ameenah is a singer, writer, poetess, and spoken word artist. The Dangerous Diva is a facilitator of youth empowerment, and cultivating positive self-images. She developed a program, 'Happy Kwanzaa Everybody',which consists of a song and booklet of activities designed to integrate Kwanzaa and academic success. A strong advocate for Kwanzaa, Princess Ameenah encourages the seven principles as guidance for setting goals and achieving accomplishments. She is the author of 'Towards A Science Integrating Kwanzaa and Academics'.

"My goals in life are educating the inner-city community about issues affecting individuals and urban culture. Quite often, the focus is on student and family matters because the impact on one's life and the life of their peers is profound. As an educator, I try to teach people that they can improve their life and have holistic fun at the expense of trying new things and new approaches."

Steppin out in high heels and a cool straw hat,
feeling like everything and all that!
Being a true believer
in the power deep inside
is what makes this Diva

Finally, my work has been published in books, tapes, CDs, and a DVD entitled 'Dangerous Diva'. To learn more about me, please contact me at 215-927-6789.

Please visit Developing Excellence, a non profit organization recognized as a 501C3, which I founded in effort to help build our communities, one student, one family at a time.


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