My Life


I grew up in North Philly. The way I was raised, the people you spent a lot of time with became your family. I carry that philosophy to this day. If we spend a lot of time together involved in something that we both enjoy doing, then it's likely that I see you as my family.

I've attended several schools and obtained different degrees. I've traveled going places that I would've never imagined (the slums of Nairobi, Kenya was my favorite) - and yet, regardless of my achievements, the people that I spend time with help me stay grounded.

I am created by the love of God and influenced by the love of my wife. I am motivated by the love of my children, all of which I am proud of even if they don't always do what I think they should do. I have been nurtured by my mom and learned some lessons from my dad. I am inspired by friends and family to take on new challenges in order to be great.

I enjoy a variety of music and have no favorite artist. I enjoy several sports and don't really have a favorite - so those pre-defined security questions wanting to know certain details about me don't always fit me. My favorite game is chess and I've been working on a chess addiction. I enjoy reading books and I don't really have a favorite here either. Some would assume it's the Bible, but the Bible contains books within it - so in ways it's a compilation of books to create the perfect Book. So within the Book of books, I don't have a favorite book. But, I do enjoy reading history, especially history about Blacks in America. In fact, that's why I have a degree in Africana Studies.

Now I am a servant of God declaring the good news of forgiveness for sins through the sacrifice of Jesus' life.

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