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Below is a list of our community programs:

  1. Youth and Community Issues - RAP Group (Rap about perceptions, problems, and plans to counter destructive tendencies).
  2. Drama and Music Group - developed by Angela Hankins (occupational therapist), with the support of Georgina Howell (drama and dance team leader). Drama and music are used to address community issues such as drug abuse, anger, loss, hurt, neglect, peer pressure, and parenting.
  3. Performing Arts:
    • Happy Kwanzaa Everybody - a project designed to encourage students to integrate the seven principles of Kwanzaa into their academic performance. Lesson plans are available to optimize use and effectiveness of activities. Participants are encouraged to set goals, analyze themselves, develop business plans and more!
    • Rock the House- a school house celebration
    • A Time to Shine - a school house celebration
    • Our Story - MLK celebration, history programs
  4. African American Male Mentorship - developed by Angela Hankins, this program is created to provide opportunities for school aged males to interact with educated, employed, ambitious African American males devoted to facilitating changes in negative behaviors, violence and killing among African American males. Music, sports activities, discussion groups and written assignments are used to cultivate positive qualities in our youth.
    • Donald L. Jackson - Advisory Co-chair
    • Charles Beasley - Project Development Team Leader
    • Guthrie P. Ramsey - Consultant

Developing Excellence is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations are welcomed, appreciated, and are 100% tax deductible. For further information about our organization, please contact Angela Hankins at 215-927-6789 or e-mail us at

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