My Faith


Sadiqq speaking at church

I grew up in a Muslim household and started school that was rooted in Islamic Studies. I took the Shahada (declaration of faith), made Salat (prayer), participated in Sawm (fasting during Ramadan), and gave Zakat (giving an offering). I never made Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca). While studying the Quran, but also having an interest in the Bible for the sake of discussion with friends, I started reading things that challenged my thinking and faith.

Believing in Allah (Arabic translation for God) as the only all-knowing being, I sought guidance and answers. In that process, he enlightened me through study and a spiritual experience that led me to Christianity at the age of 19.

As I've continued to study the Bible and allow others to challenge my beliefs, I've grown to trust in Jesus (Messiah's modern name) / Isa (Arabic) / Yeshua (Hebrew) as the foundation for my faith that my life is built upon.

Now I am a servant of God declaring the good news of forgiveness for sins through the sacrifice of Jesus' life.

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